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It is said that any profession is an art but a real artist is someone who can change the appearance and personality of any person. A Beautician can make you a nymph and can also make a monster of a Hollywood Movie. But becoming a Makeup Artist is not that easy, those men and women who got an eye for beauty and enjoy interacting with people, this is perhaps the field you can master. Yes, we are talking about the Beauticians and cosmetologists who do hard work with great risks by altering their clients’ appearances.

Today beauty care and Cosmetology is a global multi-billion dollar industry that employs billions of people — from scientists and Cosmetic production right up to your local pedicurist and Mehndi art.

The profession of Beauticians is a complete set of multiple courses dealing with Personal Grooming, Makeup, Skin Treatment, Hair Styling, Nail Arts, etc. After pursuing a Professional diploma in beautician, candidates can get jobs as a Beauty Care Distributor, Beauty Magazine Writer, Cosmetologist, Cosmetology Instructor, Fashion Show Stylist, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist. this career provides the basic skillsets for the candidate to work in Film Industry, Spas, Parlors, Salons, Hotels, and Resorts.

The eligibility requirement to become a Beautician:

The eligibility For Govt Colleges

  • The Candidate can take admission directly in the certificates and diploma courses of beautician courses in such as Lakme and VLCC Academy. However, some reputed institutes such as Pearl Academy take a basic exam before shortlisting candidates.
  • Candidates who want to pursue PG Diplom programmes or aadvanced diploma courses must have some work experience in the same industry before applying for this programme.

The eligibility For Private Colleges

  • Aged over 18 years old to commence training
  • The courses are open to both freshers and professionals.

Colleges and Institutes of Beauty and Cosmetology:

  • Lakme Academy
  • VLCC Academy
  • Pearl Academy
  • YMCA
  • AAFT
  • Shahnaz Hussain Beauty Academy


  • Skin Care: Skincare and aesthetics professionals are in high demand for people who have problem skin, acne or other skin issues.
  • Make-up Artist: Everyone wants to make a positive first appearance which is why makeup artists are in high demand.
  • Hair Style: Women in India are proud of their hair and like it to look good, making this an evergreen course.
  • Cosmetology: This sets the foundation for becoming a professional makeup artist
  • Nail Beauty and Nail Art: In high demand during holidays and weddings when people have to look glam with henna and nail art.
  • Spa Course: These courses teach massage and other physiotherapy techniques which are in high demand, and have very good job prospects.

FAQ For Beauty Courses:

What Is the Beauty Industry?

Beauty Industry is one of the largest glamorous careers that focuses on the skin, hair, nails, and in some cases spa-like treatments.

What Are the advantages of Taking a Beauty Industry Course?

In the Beauty Industry, your personality will be changed while doing work on the appearances of another person. You can earn good amount with freelancing works

How Much Does It Cost to Take a Beauty Industry Course?

The course fee depends on many factors, most commonly on the college or institute chosen. Some universities may charge significantly more than a community college. The average career Course fee is 1 to 2 Lac

What Kind of Career Improvement Can You Expect with a Beauty Industry Course?

One of the most important reasons to take this type of course is to better prepare for the industry so that you can provide the services that customers want. This can easily enhance your ability to meet client needs and advance your career.

which mode is important for Beauty Industry – Online or Offline?

As per mode, taking it online is easy to learn and cost-effective for the student. It is faster, easy to obtain, and it provides the benefit of being able to take the course at your home. But it is a practical course so the offline mode is recommended if the COVID situation is normal.

Where to Take a Beauty Industry Courses?

Courses are available through most reputed colleges and universities, private institutes are offering specific beauty-related professional courses. In many situations, this type, of course, is also highly affordable.

Salary Packages after Bauty Courses:

For Freshers in Job: 2 Lakh to 2.5 Lakh (per annum)
For Experienced: 8 Lakh to 10 Lakh (per annum)
For Freelancer: 6 Lakh to 14 Lakh (per annum)

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