Arena Animation Ghaziabad(GT Road) can change your life for the better

In today’s modern world the utilization of animation is, almost, in each and every field. Be it Information Technology, Advertising, Films & Media; the scope of animation is everywhere. Though a career in animation and graphics designing is relatively new as compared to other traditional careers, the scope of animation is unlimited. If you have a particular curiosity and interest in developing moving images in 2-D or 3-D with an aim to impress, motivate, educate, or entertain people then a career in animation and graphic design is what you are looking for. However, for that, you require learning animation and graphic design in a proper manner from Arena Animation.

The center of Arena Animation in Ghaziabad, India is one such place where you can learn animation and graphic design from scratch. Arena Animation Ghaziabad(GT Road) is, probably, the best animation institute that provides you the opportunity to develop exquisite animation skills in accordance with the industry standards laying down a perfect career path in front of you with high employability levels. The beauty of Arena Animation Ghaziabad lies in the fact that the center has got something for everybody. Whether you are looking for short-term courses to enhance your skills or full-fledged animation courses after 12th, Arena Animation Ghaziabad(GT Road) has it all.

Arena Animation Ghaziabad | Courses Offered:

VFX Film Making

The VFX FILM MAKING course is 36 months long and consists of 3 semesters. The primary aim behind VFM courses is to produce professionals with impeccable and immaculate animation and visual effects skills. Those who are looking to make a difference through a long-term career in the animation industry must go with this course. Any person who has completed 10+2 or equivalent or has a degree can opt for VFM.

Animation Prime

Animation Prime is 2 years long and is given with international certification. You can opt for this certification right after you have completed your 10+2. Please note that you can opt for a diploma in animation irrespective of whether you are an art, science, or a commerce student.

Graphic Web Design Development Plus(GWDD+)

You already know the sheer number of websites available on the World Wide Web. All of these websites are rich in multimedia content. Moreover, brands have to focus on creating advertisements whether in the newspaper or the Television. The creation of the entire graphical and multimedia content is the responsibility of the graphics and/or web designer.

The course of Graphic Web Design & Development is of 16 months and consists of 2 semesters. This course aids and assists you in creating a perfect portfolio for yours in order to be eligible for the fantastic career of a graphics and/or web designer.

Short Term Courses

If you want to add or enhance your existing skills, Arena Animation provides you the opportunity to do the same through various short-term courses in Character Design and Animation, Web Graphics, Audio-Video Editing etc. Please note that you can also opt for learning individual software like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, Sound Forge etc.

The sheer abundance, diversity and the variety of courses available in Arena Animation Ghaziabad render it the title of being the best center of Arena Animation and the top VFX institute in Ghaziabad. Please continue reading ahead to know the benefits of opting for a course in animation, graphics and web design in Arena Animation Ghaziabad.

Why Should I go with Arena Animation Ghaziabad(GT Road)?

  • The courses taught in Arena Animation Ghaziabad are in accordance with the industry standards. After acquiring a diploma in Animation from Arena Animation Ghaziabad, you are all set to get immediately absorbed in advertising, web designing, video making, editing, games development, and even in the film industry for constructing great quality special effects.
  • The faculty at Arena Animation Ghaziabad consists of expert teachers as well as experienced professionals from the animation industry. Hence, while doing the course itself, students receive a unique exposure to the best of both academic and professional worlds which aids and assists them in sharpening their skills and become top-class professionals.
  • Normally we see that whatever is taught to us in the certificate never turns out to be useful when facing the actual professional scene. However, Arena Animation Ghaziabad provides hands-on knowledge to the students. This means that whatever a student is learning from Arena Animation is enough to take on real-life assignments. This helps a student to garner enough confidence to enter the professional environment.
  • Students learn to represent their ideas visually when they have knowledge of animation. The faculty at Arena Animation Ghaziabad ensures that each student is able to exercise his/her right to the freedom of expression through animation skills. This further bolsters the confidence of a student making him/her ready to tackle the upcoming professional phase of life.

These are the major benefits of going for an animation, graphics, and web designing course from one of the best animation institute in the country.

Arena Animation Ghaziabad | Contact Info:

Contact Person: Rakesh Narwani
Address: 118/4, 2nd Floor, East Model Town, Near Opulent Mall, GT Road, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201001
Contact No: 9811983144, 011-45069596

Final Words

The bottom line is that if you are interested in animation, graphics and web designing then Arena Animation Ghaziabad is one of the best animation institutes to join. This is because when you are aiming to construct an impeccable and immaculate career path in animation and graphics, then you must learn from the professionals in the industry and being the top VFX institute in Ghaziabad, Arena Animation starts preparing you for the professional field right from your first day at the institute. So, what are you waiting for? If you have finished your 10+2 or equivalent, you are all set to embark upon a career path of animation and graphics which has got a plenitude of potential to change your life for the better. If you have got any further questions in mind then you can reach out to Arena Animation Ghaziabad to know more.

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