6 Benefits Of Using Education Tools Like Naviance

Preparing for university has always been a headache for both high school students and the ones supporting them. The mind-boggling array of options in higher education can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to know which school or career path will best fit which student. Naviance, a popular education tool, has come up with a way to address this issue.

Over 40% of high school students in the United States currently use Naviance, and the educational tool is valued by students, parents, counselors, and educators alike. Its general goal is to get more students, regardless of their background or career path, to apply to and succeed in college. As a result of its success, a number of competitors have produced their own, similar education tools to fill this new market space.

Here are the six benefits of using education tools like Naviance:

1. Inclusivity

The world is swiftly changing, and more voices than ever are being heard around the country. Programs like Naviance can help students, regardless of their racial and economic backgrounds, discover their own path to becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Rather than expecting every student to aim for a Harvard level of excellence, students can instead choose to navigate a different path to success. By taking into account the diversity of students and of higher education options in the United States and abroad, programs like Naviance can help make winning matches and give students the chance to explore opportunities that they previously may not have been aware of.

2. Personalization

Naviance-style education tools are highly personalized, working off of academic history data and information regarding each student’s personality type, learning style, and career or education goals. Rather than providing a generic blueprint for success, these educational tools work to meet the needs of each student.

3. Skill Acquisition

The role of programs like Naviance does not stop once students are accepted to their dream schools. Most programs foster interpersonal and academic skills that help students succeed in the college setting. There are many applications that can help you succeed in college or university, but few other programs help you explore your strengths and address your weaknesses to the same extent. By easing the transition from a high school to a college learning environment, programs like Naviance help students remain on track to getting their dream jobs after graduation.

4. Motivation

Even if you choose to apply to a selective school, receiving a rejection letter can be a major blow. A recent study has shown that Naviance has increased the involvement of disadvantaged students in the college application process, as well as improved the chances of such students being accepted to four-year institutions. Similarly, the educational tool’s database of national scholarships helps all students find a way to pay for their dream school.

These clear measures of efficacy mean that such a program motivates students to get involved and to take responsibility for their own coursework. The likes of Naviance typically include some sort of course planner and a schedule for their chosen career path. This helps students take major goals (for example, get a medical degree) and break them down into manageable, short-term objectives.

5. Career Guidance

Educational tools like Naviance do not only provide for the transition from high school to college or university. Many of them also start with students as early as middle school to get them thinking about potential careers. They also provide career tests and profiles to help students discover more about different careers, as well as resume builders and training programs to help students develop career readiness skills. This means that students can plan the path they want to take from an earlier age and ensure that, once employed, they’ll have all the necessary skills they need to succeed.

6. Useful For Students And Educators

In order to better help students succeed, tools such as Naviance utilize students’ academic history to generate insightful charts. They also compile useful information, from teacher recommendations to high school transcripts, into one digital hub. This data-centered approach makes these tools useful for educators, counselors, and administrators. These tools help school districts track performance goals on the large scale, as well as help educators meet the needs of individual students on a smaller scale. Also, not to mention the hassle it saves on paperwork!


Thanks to a unique blend of data analysis, personalization, and goal-oriented guidance, educational tools like Naviance are making the college application process approachable and beneficial to a wider variety of students than ever before. By making success more customizable and achievable, these educational tools help educators, counselors, and even parents better meet the needs of students. There’s no longer one clear path to success, and having the options at your fingertips make getting into your dream school or landing your dream job an achievable reality.

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