How to prepare for CLAT English subject

English is the scoring subject in the CLAT. It is important that candidates should make a proper strategy for the preparation of the CLAT English Section.

CLAT English section is designed in such a way that it will test the proficiency of the candidate in the English language which is based on vocabulary and grammar.

Indira article you will get to know the preparation tips for the CLAT English section. Every Student should follow it to score maximum marks in the exam. Also it is important that you practice mocks even you can go for Free CLAT Mock Test provided by various institutes.

Preparation Tips for CLAT English section

Analyse the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

It is very necessary to first invest some time in making proper strategy and analysis of the exam pattern before starting its Preparation. It will help you to know the important topics and the difficulty level of the exam.

Develop the habit of Reading

It is very necessary to have a habit of reading books, novels, and newspapers regularly. Reading helps to improve your English language and to score maximum marks in the examination.

Increase your Reading Speed

Reading speed plays a vital role in the CLAT exam because CLAT is a speed-based examination. There are compression passages in the CLAT English exam. So it is very essential you have a good reading speed to complete paper in time with accuracy.

More focus on Grammar

It is a very important part of the CLAT English section. Many students lose their marks due to poor grammar. Candidates should study all the concepts of grammar properly. Because there is a lot of difference between spoken English and written English.

Improve your Vocabulary

To score maximum marks in the CLAT English exam, it is necessary that you should have strong command on the vocabulary.
To improve your Vocabulary required continuous efforts. Candidates should read regularly newspapers and eager to learn new words.
There are many questions asked in the CLAT English section which are based on vocabulary such as prefixes and suffixes.

Revise regularly

Revision is a very necessary factor to crack any competitive exam. Candidates should do regular Revision of the important questions and concepts to score maximum marks.
If any online coaching provides any process for the same it can be termed as Best CLAT Online Coaching and you can improve your performance.

CLAT English Syllabus

The most important questions which mostly comes in the CLAT exam are as follows

  • Rearrangement of Sentences.
  • Idioms and Phrases.
  • Sentence Correction.
  • Fill in the Blanks.
  • Foreign language words
  • Comprehension based questions
  • Spelling Check

CLAT Test Series

It is very essential to solve maximum CLAT Test series while preparing for the CLAT exam. It helps you to understand the exam pattern and the difficulty level.
It will help you to track your performance and identify your mistakes. It will also help you to know your strengths and weaknesses and on which part you have to more focus.

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