How to Prepare For National Science Olympiad – NSO

National Science Olympiad or NSO is an annual school level competitive exam organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation; which aims at screening students from class 1 to 12 through an advanced set of questions based on their respective class syllabus.

Olympiads usually have different exam patterns and contain trickier and complex questions.  Learning the rules is, therefore, the key to securing your success in such a competitive environment. Next, you need to obtain the resources and stick to them. Knowing the best Olympiad preparation books is a requisite before you go forth buying any study or preparation material in real.

Internet resources also provide a vast array of knowledge that will also assist you with the best books for Olympiad preparation. You can access a variety of beneficial Olympiad books online to add to your conceptual knowledge.

You can also refer to some reference books and textbooks besides the National Olympiad books available at your local book stores, schools, libraries, friends’ place and family. Also look for models which you can access from local schools or community colleges or get as freebies from doctors, dentists or local professional organizations.

Do not forget the maps which you can easily get through the web. These essential maps for preparation include the topographic maps and road maps.

Olympiad preparation books will serve to be the best preparing competition resources for you. Organize the materials properly and prepare for the competition using all of your available resources. Keep modifying the information as you use it in order to make it more efficient.

Follow the best tips for preparing like a pro

  • First of all, cover the NCERT books thoroughly and make a note of important concepts dealt in each chapter so that later you have sufficient time for other relevant Olympiad preparation books.
  • Make your concepts clear and clearer and give the topics the time they demand. Keep seeking guidance from your teachers, tutors and seniors. Get help from friends, mentors and elder siblings who have a Science background. This will clear your doubts and also make you thorough with your basics.
  • Make revision chits simultaneously while studying and learning. This way, you will have short notes and tricks to revise later as the days shorten before your exam.
  • Make your moves and do not follow anyone blindly. Have faith and confidence in yourself.
  • Do not ever lose sight of your goal as it remains a common issue among students. With proper perseverance, hard work and dedication; you are surely able to succeed.
  • Organize your time well and alongside your regular studies, do take out some time for relaxation, following your hobby activities and doing some physical exercise.
  • Stay calm and do not lose patience.
  • You must identify and utilize your strengths.

Challenge yourself continuously and stay motivated. Find out tricks to keep your motivation level high. Stay healthy both physically and mentally. Read newspapers and add 5 words to your vocabulary every day.

Follow the science Olympiad website, event resources and test packets. Be sure to have the latest version of the event rules and also keep in head the event parameters to get a checklist of what all you are allowed to get with during the event. Go ahead with the Olympiad previous year papers which will help you in testing your Olympiad skills. You can also take online tests which are specially outlined to prepare for the Science Olympiad tests.

You can choose to buy the National Science Olympiad workbook which has segregated versions based on each class syllabus. These books will surely boost your preparation and will help you practice in a desirable and efficient manner. These books contain the latest previous year paper of NSO of corresponding classes and come in soft copy only. You can easily download, save or print them and access them anytime as per your requirement.

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