How to prepare for the IPMAT in a month

IPMAT is an entrance test to get admission into the five-year integrated program in management offered by IIM Indore. This aptitude entrance test is for candidates passing the 12th standard. For securing a place in IPM, candidates have to crack IPMAT, and then the shortlisted candidates can go for the written ability test and personal interview round.

Apart from IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak, Nirma University, IIM Ranchi accept the IPMAT score for admission in the IPM program. In this five years course, candidates have to option or exit after three years as well. The 50% weightage for the selection process is for the IPMAT score and, the remaining 35% and 15% are distributed among written ability tests and personal interviews, respectively.

How to prepare for IPMAT in a short period of time?

Most of the candidates prepare for IPMAT for a long time by joining coaching classes and practising for more than 6 months to 1 year. If you are starting the preparation before a month of the IPMAT exam, then you must have to work hard for it, but don’t worry you can crack it with proper preparation and planning. You have to collect the previous years’ exam questions and see where you stand. This will give your ideas about your preparation strategy and how much time you need to invest in each section.

Quantitative ability

The key to scoring well in this section is to have conceptual clarity. If you haven’t started preparing for this section, then you need to practice at least 50-100 questions from each chapter and make sure to have the basic concepts clear. You will find the solutions only if you have knowledge about basic concepts. Make sure you understand the question properly and don’t get overwhelmed by seeing a Complex question when you first read it.

While dealing with this section, maintain a formula notebook to write down chapter-wise formulas. You can also write down the tips and tricks. If you don’t have much time, then make sure to focus on algebra, data interpretation, and arithmetic as they have high weightage. After that, concentrate on your speed by solving the questions.

Verbal ability

You have one month in hand, so make sure to practice grammar and increase the reading speed of the articles. Vocabulary is endless, and the more you practice, the more you can do better in this section. Read the newspaper daily and find the theme of the article, and try to understand the author’s point of view. Work on your grammar, even if you have a stronghold of it. You can focus on grammar rules, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement, etc.

Mock test

Mock tests are the most important part of every exam. IPMAT is a test of your strategy and speed. The more mock test you attempt, the better you will be able to come with a strategy that suits your strength. Apart from that, it will help you with your speed. The speed is the key because even if you know all the answers, you will only get a limited time to finish them. Before each mock, you can go through the formulas of your notebook. It will boost your knowledge and your confidence as well before the final exam.

Also, one important thing is to try to create a test-taking environment as close as possible. Sit in a quiet place and set a timer. If you have to wear a mask on the final day of the exam, then start practising from home, and it will make you more comfortable on the exam day. After finishing each mock, try to find out your mistakes.

See the sections or topics you are weak in and work hard for it. Revise those topics and clear the concepts. Remember not to complete your syllabus before taking the mock test. You can appear for the mock tests while preparing for your exam. It is very important when you have one month. The more you practice for the IPMAT, the better you will perform on your exam day.

Cracking the IPMAT exam with one month of preparation is not an impossible task. Many candidates do it, but it is not a piece of cake as well. You need to give your best performance and work very hard to crack the exam. The competition is high, and you won’t be able to crack it if you don’t work hard enough. Follow these tips and start your preparation accordingly to achieve great results.

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