MBA Career Counselling – The Basics

Taking that step towards an MBA qualification is one of the most important that many professionals will take. the road to finally getting that qualification is not an easy one. there are several hurdles that have to be overcome. There is the necessity of a high GMAT score, an application and an essay that clearly differentiate the applicant and then the face-to-face interview which requires not only knowledge but people skills as well.

Those who make it through this grueling process should be congratulated. They have achieved their dream of placement in that prestigious business school. However, that is just the start of a long journey. In that business school, the successful applicant must now go toe-to-toe with equally gifted classmates – all in search of that ideal job placement. The stress can be enormous – and sometimes a helping hand is welcome.

Career counseling can be especially useful during this time – and it is something that General Education understands. MBA Counseling is specifically targeted at people in highly stressed MBA programs. These are people who are taking part in MBA programs – and have high hopes for a successful and fulfilling career. It is also suitable for those who have already completed their MBA and would like to explore another career path.

So who will lend a helping hand?

General Education has a contingent of consultants who are also business school graduates – and are intimately familiar with what it takes to succeed. These consultants are graduates of some of the most well-known global business schools – and are ready to provide valuable career advice. These are people who were also once students – and are aware of the pressures that this entails. They are uniquely positioned to provide guidance. They are a valuable resource that complements school career advisers, seniors, and alumni. The outside perspective they supply can give students the edge when it comes to hiring season.

The services offered include the following:

Fine-tuning of the candidates all-important profile and background documentation, discussions on the way forward including brainstorming sessions and the all-important clarification of both short and long-term goals.

The skilled consultants will also provide invaluable advice on how best to optimize study habits and examination of what specialization would best suit the skill set of the individual MBA graduate – and how this dovetails with those short and long-term career goals.

The consultants will also be able to offer advice to those who are considering a career change, or switching industries – or alternatively changing job tracks. This advice is based firmly on the individual’s interests, prior work experience and once again – those important career goals in the short, medium and long-term.

The consultants are also able to offer strategic advice to those who are faced with a crisis situation within the organizational context.

These same consultants will be able to offer analysis and advice on how to best cope with the pressures of the 21st-century job market and its complexities, even within a new country. The advice – based on experience, can mean the difference between success and failure.


These are dependant on the following criteria:

  • The number of sessions.
  • The length of those sessions.

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