Top 10 cities for the best education in India

The following list shows the Education Quotient of a city, though it is not necessarily a measure of the education density the size of the city automatically has a larger number of institutes.

This list shows the quality of education in the particular city since the more institutes listed in India’s 1000 Most Trusted according to city and the quality of education offered in the city.

The results are skewed in favour of the top ten best ranked educational hubs in India.

The place for India’s best education hub is a tie between Delhi and Mumbai, both contributing the maximum number of institutes among India’s 1000 Most Trusted, both with 89 each.

Bangalore, already quite prominent for being an education hub, unsurprisingly gets the privilege of being India’s second best educational hub with 77 institutes listed in the top 1000 Most Trusted.

Chennai is the third best education hub in the country with 63 institutions listed among India’s 1000 Most Trusted. Ahmedabad ranks as the fourth best education hub in India with 52 institutions among the top 1000.

Kolkata, the city which has some of India’s oldest institutes, lists 41 among India’s 1000.
Most Trusted making it the fifth best education hub in India.
Indore is the sixth best education hub rank in India with 39 institutions. Jaipur and Vishakapatnam tie for the rank as the seventh best education hub in India with 34 institutions each.
India’s eighth best education hub is Coimbatore with 30 educational institutes listed among India’s most trusted. Bhopal and Lucknow both take ninth place with 27 institutes each in the Most Trusted list.
India’s tenth best education hub position is taken by three cities together – Jodhpur, Kota and Nagpur, with each having 23 education institutes listed among India’s 1000 Most Trusted.

Top 10 cities:

  1. Delhi / Mumbai
  2. Bangalore
  3. Chennai
  4. Ahmedabad
  5. Kolkata
  6. Indore
  7. Jaipur / Vizag
  8. Coimbatore
  9. Bhopal / Lucknow
  10. Jodhpur / Kota / Nagpur

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