Top 5 Spell Checking Tools for Error-Free Writing

Even professional writers well-versed in grammar, spelling, and stylistic features of their language, are not immune to making mistakes. And those who don’t write on a regular basis or are a stranger to writing may find it extremely difficult to produce meaningful, coherent, and strong papers. Luckily, technological advancements enable people, even those who are not skilled in writing, to eliminate grammatical mistakes and silly typos from their texts. You can also avoid pesky mistakes if you take advantage of a handy spell checking tool, a tool that can detect a spelling error in the blink of an eye and suggest the most suitable substitution. Below is a brief overview of the best spell checkers that can help you refine your piece of writing and impress your readers with impeccable style and grammar.


Quality doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Contrary to common belief, great spell checkers can be affordable. is a relatively new grammar and spell checking tool famed for its usability and functionality. All you need to do is copy your text of its part and insert it into the dedicated field. Once the program finishes scanning your document for mistakes, it will alert you to potentially misspelt words, awkward phrasings, convoluted syntax, and other inconsistencies that may detract from the quality of your writing and your credibility as an author. The Language Tool technology, upon which relies, makes it possible to identify wrong words and phrases more effectively and help you correct your mistakes in a more efficient manner. What’s more, enables you to check texts written in foreign languages, which makes it an excellent tool for second language learners.

2 Grammarly

A free version of tried and tested Grammarly can serve as a great spell checker. It can help you fix typos, as well as phonetic and similar-sounding word spelling errors.

Still, if you don’t mind spending a bundle on grammar and spell checking software, you should definitely pay your attention to the Grammarly premium version. It’s arguably one of the best spell checkers ever created by humanity. It’s not just an ordinary program that can merely juxtapose the words with those in its default dictionary. It employs a number of sophisticated tools wherewith it can detect a wide array of errors. Grammarly can quickly recognize and correct spelling, grammar, syntactical, and punctuation. It can also detect capitalization mistakes, misused, overused, and subject-verb agreement errors. Grammarly can fix passive voice, word choice, sentence readability, and word density issues in your document or academic paper.

3 Ginger

Though not as popular as its Grammarly counterpart, Ginger is now winning over more and more users thanks to its user-friendly interface, versatility, variety of useful features, and compatibility with multiple platforms. This app may come in handy when you need to quickly check your text for grammar, spelling, and style. Though Ginger may not be as good as Grammarly at fixing complex grammar issues, it can perform quick grammar and spell checks. What’s more, it can help you translate texts from and into a plethora of languages and provide you with the handy personal trainer feature so that you can develop and boost your writing skills.

4 Microsoft Word

You probably know that the majority of word-processing programs have built-in spell checkers that save writers the bother of having to constantly revise what they have written and allowed honing in on content more. Now the Microsoft Word processor is available as both a standalone product and a component of the Microsoft Office suite. It’s worth noting that you can contribute to booting the spell checking potential of the program in question by adding a particular word to its default dictionary. By doing so, you’ll make that word available for spell checks in all of your Office programs. Of course, the capabilities of MS Word aren’t as advanced as some of the more dedicated online spell checker tools like Grammarly and others of its ilk. But if you’re looking for a universal, plain, and powerful spell checker compatible with virtually any existing platforms, don’t hesitate to install the Microsoft Word processor on your device.

5 Google Docs

Microsoft made handy spell checking features part of their Google Workspace suite to help users ensure their writing is free from errors and typos. You can use Google Docs to not only create documents but also share them with multiple other users and empower them to check these documents. Combining these capabilities with a spellchecker means that Google Docs is highly effective in eliminating different types of errors especially for team efforts. It can be used as a free grammar and spell checker. It also works well with Gmail, which means you should not worry about making mistakes in your emails.


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