10 Entry-Level Jobs You Can Get With an Associate’s Degree

Hope to be a boss one day? The path to success begins with one step. Read this article to discover the entry-level jobs you can get with an Associate’s Degree.

So, you didn’t go to college for four years and you don’t have a master’s degree. We’ve got good news for you – it’s not the end of the world!

In today’s economic climate, there are literally hundreds of jobs that don’t require four long years of study slog, or more. An associate degree is just as meaningful.

Some of the best entry-level jobs are a great stepping stone into building a bigger and better career for yourself. But you have to start somewhere.

Here are 10 entry level jobs you can start your career with if you have a bachelor or associate degree.

Snap Up These Entry Level Jobs with An Associate Degree

First thing’s first, what exactly is an associate degree? It’s an undergraduate academic degree which usually requires no more than two years of study at a college or university.

An associate degree is considered to be a higher level of education, one step above the level of a high school diploma or GED.

Choosing the best entry-level business jobs largely depends on your own skills, interests, salary expectations, and career goals.

Sure, you are free to choose a job based solely on its yearly earnings – but have you thought about the evolution of your career, first?

Here are some of the top entry-level jobs if you hold either an associate or bachelor’s degree or want to make a career change.

1. Actuarial Assistant

This is the ideal position for people who are business-minded, analytical, and enjoy working with statistics.

An assistant actuarial analyst typically uses mathematical calculations and statistics to estimate insurance claims within an insurance business.

They also help to determine insurance premiums for clients and manage risk for pension plans and social security plans.

You’re eligible for this position with either a bachelor or associate degree and excellent computer skills!

The average yearly salary for this position is approximately $46,850 for those with associate degrees.

2. Health Data Analyst

The healthcare field is growing year in and year out – as such, there is plenty of opportunity to make a break into the medical field.

A health data analyst typically assists with the design, production, and analysis of health reports and computer applications for medical professionals.

Due to the move towards electronic health records, the medical industry has become reliant on data, statistics, and analysts.

This is also a great entry-level job to use as a stepping stone to a position within healthcare management. For information on education requirements for these positions, check it out here.

A health data analyst is usually required to have a bachelor or associate degree in health information technology or computer science.

The average median salary per year is close to $38,040.

3. Assistant Buyer

Assistant buyers work in various industries, ranging from consumer goods to clothing, merchandise, the engineering sector, and others.

An assistant buyer is required to help evaluate the quality of suppliers to a business based on price, product quality, and speed of delivery.

They are also responsible for ensuring all products arrive as scheduled for a business.

The average yearly salary for those with an associate or bachelor’s degree is $34,000.

4. Financial Analyst

This is another great position for those with a knack for numbers and statistics. Essentially, a financial analyst evaluates investment opportunities for businesses or individuals.

On a day-to-day basis, they analyze the performance stocks, bonds, and other investment portfolios. They either work in banks, for insurance companies, securities firms, and mutual funds.

The average median salary per year is $76,950 for those with a bachelor or associate degree in finance, accounting, or similar.

5. Recruitment Assistant

If you’re a people’s person and enjoy the idea of employee management, then recruitment is a place for you.

A recruitment assistant provides support to recruitment managers and specialists by assisting with the search for qualified candidates for specific jobs.

Recruitment assistants also attend job fairs and campus meetings looking to scout out potential talent. They also assist with administrative tasks.

The average yearly salary is approximately $41,000.

6. Computer Engineering Technician

In this position, you work alongside a head computer engineer and assist with the design of computer software and hardware.

You’ll also perform calculations and make projections about specific projects to assist with the outcome of the design.

A large part of this role is also performing quality control in production settings. Those with an associate degree in computer engineering technology are ideal for this job.

The average yearly salary is around $46,000.

7. Graphic Designer

If you’re creative, have an eye for detail and good aesthetics, graphic design could be the career for you.

A graphic designer creates and develops both print and online media campaigns for an assortment of industries. They work with television graphics, magazine content, online content, logos, branding etc.

Graphic designers usually work for design businesses, advertising agencies, and publishers. As associate degree will get you an assistant or technical support position in graphic design.

The median salary per year for a qualified graphic designer is around: $44,150.

8. Web Developer

Web development is a booming industry with plenty of opportunities. As a web developer, you essentially translate a company’s brand and profile into a fully functional and scalable website.

This is a very in-demand position so competition is fierce. An associate or bachelor’s degree in web design will give you an edge. However, a diploma and certificate can also land you a web developer position.

The average yearly salary is approximately $66,130.

9. Paralegal

A paralegal typically performs most daily tasks as a lawyer would do, but is prohibited from the actual practice of law.

A paralegal is considered an important part of any legal team. Here they help in the preparation of trials, closings, hearings, and corporate meetings. A large part of a paralegal’s job is also to perform thorough, in-depth research.

A community college or vocational school associate degree will land you a paralegal position. If you already have a college degree you can obtain a certificate in paralegal studies.

The yearly median salary of a paralegal is around $49,500.

10. Civil Engineering Technician

As a civil engineering technician, you are the right-hand man to head civil engineers, assisting in the planning and overseeing of construction projects.

You would also be involved in the process of urban renewal and community planning projects. Site inspections and progress reports are also a large part of this job.

An associate degree in civil engineering technology will help you snap up this position. You can expect to earn an average yearly salary of $49,980.

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