The 7 Most Important Steps to Save Money for Students

They say student life is the best time. Indeed, this period is full of bright and funny memories which we cherish till the end of our life. Nevertheless at this not always easy stage young people often face difficulties and challenges most of which are connected with the financial sphere. The problem is that most students have a small income and a big wish to spend money. But there are some ways out from this unpleasant situation. Here are some tips for saving students’ money.

How to Save Money As a Student:

In student life there are many expenses of loan debt and paying rent along with any other bills, it is most important to save money any way possible. We are discussing here the number of small and often exciting changes that can make in student life to avoid financial challenges.

Draw up your income and expenses

This step might sound boring to you but in fact, it is one of the most important things that can help you to control your budget. When you write down sums of money that you get and spend it is getting much easier for you to see what part of your student life is stealing most of your money. For example, it can turn out to be food so you will understand that you should be more rational and economic in this particular sphere. At first, it will be tough monotonous work but gradually you will get used to it and when you see the fruits of your labour you will realise how useful budget planning is.

Look for student discounts

A lot of students forget about one of their best privileges – student discounts. Some cafes, cinemas, shops, fitness clubs and other institutions offer such little but pleasant prizes to their young customers. Find out the information about places that have student discounts in your city and use them. If you go to the cinema or somewhere else, do not hesitate to ask their workers about discounts for students. Such curiosity can prevent you from wasting your money.

Cut back your bills

When you start drawing up your budget you will probably notice how expensive electricity, water supply, and gas are.  It means you should become more attentive. Do not forget to switch off the lights when you leave your room and do not wastewater. The pleasant thing about it is that you save not only your money but also the environment.

Do shopping wisely

The most important rule here is not to visit the shop when you are hungry. When we want to eat, we are buying absolutely everything on our way. But after such irrational shopping, we may find out that we have wasted our money on the things that we do not need. So it is advisable to have a meal before going to a mall. Another thing that can give you a helping hand is making a shopping list. It will let you avoid buying unnecessary products.

It is recommended to include frozen food in this list as you can keep it for a long period of time which also helps you to economise. The next step is to compare prices in different stores and buy food from low-income shops. Today, there are a lot of websites and apps that compare prices themselves, so download these programs and actively use them.

Bring your lunch to university

Needless to say, universities are supposed to provide their students with cheap cafes but taking food from home is much cheaper than buying it in a university canteen. You will have to wake up earlier so that you can prepare your packed lunch but you can be sure it’s worth it.

Change your habits

Sometimes student life makes young people change their habits. Do not be afraid of these changes. Remember that some of them are really necessary. For example, you may stop attending your favourite but rather an expensive fitness club and start doing sport at home. Actually, student life can turn you into a really domestic person as going out requires a lot of money. But you should not be upset about it. When one door closes another one opens. You will get a lot of free time for your old or new hobbies like painting or reading books.

If you do want to go somewhere, use the Internet and look for free entertainment (there are always free of charge concerts, exhibitions, and other interesting events). Ride a bike or use public transportation instead of driving a car or using a taxi. This habit will definitely save you money. Avoid eating at restaurants if you can cook the meal at home. By the way, it can also let you improve your cooking skills and become one of your hobbies.

Find a part-time job

If you have some free time, the right decision will be to find a part-time job. There are a lot of companies which are eager to hire students, so do not miss your chance. This opportunity will increase your budget and give you work experience that is so important for your future career. By the way, some companies and shops offer discounts for their employees. To check if your favourite mall has a position for you.

Be intelligent about what and how you spend, and your years as a student and afterwards will not be wasted on dealing with debts. Live smart, but don’t forget to have fun, too.

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