Top 10 Qualities of a Great Teacher

“A great teacher” if I simply define it then, a great teacher is someone who teaches with the combination of passion and love rather than the combination of fear and rudeness.

A teaching job is lucrative to someone who loves to share his in-depth knowledge of a subject matter. Based on this theory, you will find a lot of good teachers but hardly a great teacher. Because, other than this criterion, a great teacher possess certain key characteristics that make him stand out.

I am a high school English tutor at a local tuition agency, SmileTuto and the majority of my students love me for what I am and how I deliver my lessons. I am not indicating that I am a great teacher but in my teaching career I have noticed that there are certain characteristics and qualities you must have if you want a large fan base too. I have summoned 10 top qualities that will guide you on your journey to becoming a great teacher.

Qualities of a Great Teacher:

1. An attractive personality:

The first quality you must check in your wardrobe is, whether you have an attractive personality or not. There is no second opinion on this. The formula is simple – dress in a sensible manner, always smell fantastic and be gentle and kind, that’s all. With such an attractive personality you will feel confident and can communicate better with your students. On the opposite side, the students will also be interested in listening to you and understanding you as well. Hence, a win-win situation for you.

2. In-depth knowledge

This quality is a very important one. After all, a teacher is based on this quality first and later on others. There is a famous saying that “a teacher is only as good as his knowledge is”. If a teacher has some lacking in the subject he teaches then probably it will be difficult to portray himself as a great teacher. So my piece of advice to you is, sign up with a subject that you are an expert in or else it is not worthy at all.

3. Be friendly and congenial with your students

This is another important trait of a great teacher. Being friendly with the students creates a zone of comfort between you and them. Without any fear or hesitation, students can easily share their problems – either it is personal or academic.

4. Must have good communication skills

If you are a good speaker then congrats but if you are not then you need to improve your speaking skills. This is why,

• Having good communication skills will help you to convey your lessons more effectively.

• Students love to hear someone, who can speak well without stammering. So, if you become a skilled speaker then automatically the attention of your students will be towards you.

5. Be patient and listen

“If speaking is silver, listening is gold”. This Turkish proverb indicates that listening is more important than speaking. If you want to be a great teacher then you must adopt this quality as well. Because students do not always want to hear from you but they want you to listen to them sometimes.

6. Do you have a great sense of humour?

You are teaching a modern young generation, who cannot be serious all the time. They expect to have some fun in the middle of the class, with you cracking some jokes. A general teacher might think that this might disrupt the discipline in the classroom but a great teacher knows how to maintain it with his strong communication skills and personality.

7. Must communicate with parents

No matter how busy you are but you must be always available for phone calls, emails and meetings with the parents. You must keep them informed about their children and as far as curriculum, discipline and other issues.

8. Expect high from your students

It is the duty of a great teacher to always encourage the students (good or bad) to work hard and score better in their tests.

9. Lessons with clear objectives

A great teacher must focus on the main objectives of the lessons. He must plan his lessons in a way that will meet those specific objectives in each class.

10. Be kind

Last but not the least, a great teacher must be kind, chivalrous and benevolent to his students.

How will you know if you have earned the title of a great teacher?

Well, you will come to know when you see the students are giving all the credit for their success to you. They will remember and cherish you in their memories for making an impact in their lives. This is the point where you have truly earned the title of a great teacher.

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