What Should You Prepare for Your DO College Application?

When it comes down to admission into a Doctor of Osteopathic or DO college of your dreams, you need to prepare well. DO is a fast-growing segment in the medical field. It relies on hands-on techniques for removing the pain and restoring the normal body functions.
It will help if you have the right professional and personal qualities to take up a career in this field. But, it starts with proper education at the best schools.

Improve your chances by seeking out college admissions counseling experts. They can help you prepare in every way.

Consider Your College Options:

Nearly 35 accredited colleges are offering DO degrees in the country. So, make a list of probable colleges where you may apply. Ask your counselor about a balanced list that incorporates the institutions under the categories like Maybe, Likely, or Definite.
Most of these colleges have excellent residency placements as well. There are many options but you need to have the right approach, and that’s where admission counselors come to rescue.

Know About the Average Scores Required:

The mean average GPA for DO admissions was around 3.54 in 2018, while MCAT was about 503.8. While your scores might not be perfect for the top-ranked medical schools, you can gun for DO programs in different colleges if you have decent scores.
Each college tries to create different levels of academics. So, there are always chances that your application will stand out in at least one institution for ticking the right boxes.

Understand the Difference between MD and DO:

Whether you want to get into MD or DO, it’s always wise to understand what you will gain from one and what you may lose. While DO is a relatively growing field, it offers a lot of opportunities to skilled professionals.

As an MD, you can specialize in any field while, as a DO, you will be a primary care physician. Both these streams have different admission requirements. Though, you’ll get residency opportunities accredited by ACGME for becoming a Doctor of Osteopathy. Remember, DOs work primarily in rural settings.

It also gives you an option to care for the patients holistically with consistent interactions. You will learn about the use of OMM to diagnose and treat various problems. So, be prepared with the right information before taking any further steps.

Know About Admission Requirements:

Admissions are extremely competitive when it comes to medical schools. Since there are fewer DO colleges in the USA, it may be slightly difficult to find a college of your dreams. But, with the help of college admission counseling providers, you can accomplish this task.
Apart from the educational scores, it will be great if you had the right personal qualities, a bachelor’s degree, and letters of recommendation submitted directly to the school or through the AACOMAS application form. Maintain your academics and transcripts to get admission in the right place.
If you need help with these processes, get in touch with an expert having experience in dealing with DO admissions.

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