Choosing the Right Approach: 5 IT Training Mistakes to Avoid

Choosing the Right Approach: 5 IT Training Mistakes to Avoid

Whatever area your business is in, and whatever aim it has, there is almost certain to be a need for IT training or outsourcing at some point in our future. Even companies with pre-existing IT skills are going to need retraining and upgrading in the future because technology is growing at an exponential rate, meaning the rate it improves at will only become quicker and quicker. With this being a seemingly permanent trend, IT training is always going to be important. Today we take a look at 5 mistakes you need to avoid when focusing on your training.

Being Boring or Out of Touch With Your Audience

Being an expert in a field isn’t enough to make somebody a good teacher. Sometimes teachers, or the materials and courses themselves, are boring and out of touch with the audience who is supposed to be learning from them. This leaves you with poor rates of learning because nobody learns effectively when they’re bored. The way around this is to use IT training that’s actually entertaining, it will keep hold of your employees attention and will increase the speed at which they learn.

Not Encouraging/Incentivizing Training

Encouraging training and even providing incentives for it can help to give you a workforce that adapts and learns more effectively. Sometimes the training itself is the incentive because it adds new skills and abilities to your employees. Point this out so that they can see their own gains from the training, making it a more pleasurable experience for them.

Lacking Supervision or Structure for Learning

Many companies have found that a lack of structure or supervision during the learning process can have negative effects on the time taken to learn new skills. Not surprisingly, a structure for the learning process and schedule both help to keep things on track, while supervision ensures time is used in the best way possible with minimal waste. All of this is important to train your workforce in new skills with the least time investment possible.

Not Offering Varied Training Methods

There are a variety of methods we all use to learn, each with their own advantages and quirks. Some people find specific methods work better for them than others. This makes it a good idea to vary your training programs and the methods you use to teach new skills. If a new skill can be taught in a few different ways, it really helps with quick uptake for your employees.

Not Investing in the Best Training

The final point is the quality of teaching and training you provide. Simply put, this isn’t the area to try and minimize every cost. Doing that will probably bring you low-level skills training offered by a poorly qualified teacher. That obviously isn’t a great way to create a skilled workforce, so don’t fall into the mistake so many others already have. Instead find a good balance between cost and quality of training – it isn’t always the highest paid teachers that are the most effective either.

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