How Hard Motivate Yourself at Apathy Times for Students

How Hard Motivate Yourself at Apathy Times for Students

In a recent research, scientists proved that those who remain depressed most of their time. Do you know what apathy is? You may not be familiar with apathy. Apathy is one kind of physiological disorder due to this people don’t feel any interest in anything, they lost their enthusiasm.

I had experienced a similar situation in my life three years ago. But thanks to The God that I could have recovered myself from that situation. And today I am going to share how I fought with it and motivate myself at the time of apathy.


Reasons for Apathy

Before knowing the cure, I think you should know the reasons why this silent killer appears in our life. Without knowing the reasons, it may be more difficult for ones to fight against apathy and motivate himself.

  • Feeling Helpless

Sometimes students feel that there is hardly anything that they can help them in solving their personal life problems. As a result, they started to develop a feeling that there is nothing to do in life and they are useless. Are you thinking you are helpless or you have lost something that you care most? If you have this kind of feelings, then its high time to be careful.

  • Negative Perspective

A recent study shows that those who have negative perspective about their lives have the most possibility of being affected by apathy. If you lose confidence in you have negative thoughts about yourself or if you suffering from your failure, then there is likely has a great possibility to suffer from apathy.

  • Spend Time Idly

Nowadays students pass their valuable time idly which results in apathy in the long run. Because if you pass your time idly then you will gradually lose your confidence and started to think about negativity.  So try to figure it out if you are passing most of your time in front of the TV or social media or surfing internet. If the answer is yes, then you better have to be careful and abstain yourself from these wrong practices in your life.


If you have any of these symptoms you have a slight possibility of suffering from apathy. So it will be better if you can track your activities carefully. By tracking them regularly you can be sure to know whether you are suffering from apathy or not.

Solutions of Apathy

I hope now you can understand the reasons for apathy now its time to know the know how you can motivate yourself at the of apathy. Here I am sharing a list of motivational ways with you that I followed to fight against this deadly disease.

Try to Understand the Real You

It is very important to know who you are actually and what ability do you have? If you can understand your ability, then it will be more easy to motivate yourself. Try to note down what you have and what you can do. Don’t skip anything. By following this simple technique, you can motivate yourself a lot and will be able to find yourself lot more confident than previous. As a result, I personally believe that it will be more easy to break the shell of apathy forever. Moreover, always remember that any situation doesn’t stay for long, in fact, the reality is every situation is temporary. So it will be better if you try to live every second of your life.

Identify the Real Reason

After knowing a lot of reasons behind apathy you need to identify the specific reason which is triggering your apathy. If you can successfully identify the reason, then trust me my friend it will be a pizza cake to fight against apathy.

Avoid Your Monotonous Routine

Most the time I have seen many people get bored with life due to lack of adventures in their life. They lead a life with fixed routine as result they get bored easily. If you can break your daily routine and bring variation in your life, there will be likely any chance of suffering from apathy.

Do Social Works

Many studies prove that those who work for the society as a volunteer has no chance to get bored in their life. You can ask me why? The answer is very easy my friend by doing volunteer works you will be able to spend your time wisely and can do something for people which will give you peace of mind as result, you will be able to get enough mental strength to fight against apathy.

Yoga and Meditation

When I was suffering from apathy one of my therapist suggest me to do yoga and meditation regularly. Trust me I followed his advice and I started to feel the differences within three weeks. So if you do yoga and meditation you can get mental support from it.

Keep Yourself Busy

As you are a student it will be very wise if you can utilize your valuable time as much as possible.Youcanbuy term paper online to understand how to write term papers in an organized way. If you can build up this skill, I hope you will be able to not only use your time but also able to fight against the apathy. Because study shows that those who have a plenty of free time likely to have more chance to suffer from apathy.

Last but not the least I would like to tell you that nowadays many students are suffering from apathy due to the excessive use of social media and internet. If you are not aware of this silent killer, then you may have to face some more problems in future. To protect yourself from apathy its high time to follow the tips that I have discussed above.

Finally, don’t forget to comment us in our comment section to let us know which tips you liked most and you can also let us know if I have missed any useful tips that could be beneficial for students to motivate themselves at apathy time.

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