How To Become an ACSM Personal Trainer

ACSM Personal Trainer is the next big thing. Scratch that, personal training is one of the biggest things right now. Check the figures: it is a 10-billion dollar industry. That is enough evidence that personal training is a lucrative career.

With this revelation, it is normal to see people desire to adopt personal training as a career. The good thing about personal training is that you do not need a lot of educational qualifications to become a personal trainer.

Even if you’re a high school graduate, you can become a certified personal trainer. Bear in mind that if you are at this level in your career, you will need a lot of comprehensive career guidance

It is worthy of mentioning that post-high school degree and appropriate certification can position you better in the fitness industry and give you more access to high-paying jobs. To become a personal trainer, there are certain processes you need to undergo. Also, you need to decide on specialization and an outlook on the niche you want to venture into.

Furthermore, you need to decide on an accrediting organization. This is important because there is no unitary organization that monitors the activities of personal trainers. There are different organizations, and you must choose an organization that is credible, reputable, and widely accepted.

When you seek personal training jobs in health organizations and gyms, there are certifications they look out for. This is why you need to register in a credible organization.

Tyler Read, an experienced personal trainer, and owner of opines that becoming a personal trainer can align with a lot of careers in the sports medicine sector. Becoming an ACSM personal trainer is quite a long journey and you will need all the help you can get. 

So what is the ACSM and how can it help people that are looking at careers in the sports medicine sector?

One such organization is the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). It is an organization that is passionate about the lifestyle of people. They understand the importance of fitness on the general well-being of people. They are always looking to helping others live a better life.

With an ACSM personal training certification, you’ll gain various insights on fitness training, facilities, appropriate organizations, and job offerings.

Within 10 to 12 weeks, you can become an ACSM-certified personal trainer. With your certification, you’ll enjoy various benefits like setting up your work time and having the confidence of job security in an industry that is predicted to reach a 10% growth by 2026.

Before you venture into sitting for ACSM personal training certification exam, you need to ensure you’re eligible for it. There are certain criteria you need to pass. Here they are:

  • You need to be 18 and above.
  • You need to have a high school degree.
  • Current CPR accreditation.
  • AED accreditation.

When you meet those criteria, you’re ready to become a certified personal trainer.

Next Step: Choose your personal training program

For ACSM members who want to enroll for the ACSM personal trainer certification program, they will pay $279. For non-members who are interested in the program, it will cost them $349. If you have to retake the exam, you would have to pay $175.

When you opt for ACSM personal training program, you get an online exam content. It is called PrepU. The platform is a quiz-based one that helps you prepare for your exam. It infuses your study plan, allows you to purchase textbooks, attend workshops, and sign up for webinars.

You should take advantage of these workshops and webinars because they provide comprehensive and one-on-one training for candidates. Furthermore, there are online sessions too.

Also, you need to apply for recertification every three years. It costs $45.

It is noteworthy that ACSM offers special certifications for personal trainers. When you get your personal training certification from ACSM, and you want to work with clients who have special needs, you can opt for these special programs.

An advantage of these special programs is that they broaden your knowledge. Similarly, you develop new skills and can work in new fitness areas. Furthermore, you can widen your business scope with these programs.

ACSM Special Certifications

These special certifications include:

Exercise is Medicine

With the program, you’ll learn how to form a partnership with healthcare practitioners to create new exercise drills and enhance lifestyle changes for patients suffering from chronic and acute diseases.

Inclusive fitness trainer

This program teaches you how to deal with patients with health risks or have physical disabilities. You’ll provide safe drills, comprehensive training, and motivation.


This program is solely for those interested in public health. It enlightens you on how to be vocal in your community and how to advocate for public health.

Cancer Exercise Trainer

The program is designed for personal trainers who are passionate about people who have cancer. It teaches them how to do fitness assessments and develop fitness programs for people with cancer.


Different incentives come with the ACSM certification program. These incentives are in place to ensure you pass your exams excellently well. Here are some of them:

Certified Personal Trainer Study Group

Hundreds of candidates who have enrolled for ACSM CPT and are preparing for the examination have a Facebook group. Some past members have taken the exams and passed on the group too. Therefore, you can try the methods and strategies they used to pass their exams.

In the same vein, you can ask different questions on the group as well as provide support to others.

ACSM Book Bundles

We mentioned earlier that there is an online platform named PrepU. On this platform, you’ll get all the textbooks you need. Depending on the bundle, there is a 25% discount available for you. The books contain vital information on career and business guides.

You’ll get all the resources you need to excel.

Workshops and Webinars

ACSM organizes a 2-day examination preparation workshop for candidates. You can attend the workshop and meet highly qualified and informed instructors who are thought leaders in the fitness industry.

If you cannot attend a workshop or you prefer online forums, you can opt for the webinar. There is a six-week group session for you to take advantage of. If you don’t want that, you can choose a one-on-one webinar.

When you’re confident that you have absorbed every necessary information, you can decide to take your exam and ace it.

That’s all you need to become an ACSM personal trainer.

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