How to Get Scholarship after 12th for Higher Education

Abstract: Scholarship demands constant hard work and dedication. When a student puts his energies in right direction, no one can stop him from getting a scholarship.


Education is itself a process which prepares students for different phases of life. Students work hard to fulfil their dreams. While it is true that student loan refinance companies are helpful for students wanting to pursue a higher education, scholarship is still one of the things which every student wants to obtain but only some students get it because of their sheer dedication and positive attitude. Scholarship is not a matter of fate but hard work and proper planning are the main factors to win scholarship after 12th grade. Some of the tips to get a scholarship after 12th for higher education are discussed in this guest post.

1. Proper planning from early ages:

Parents play an important role in guiding their children. They truly assess their children’s capabilities and know their strengths and weaknesses. If parents want their children to excel in the field of education, they should plan for it since earlier years of their children. Keenly observe your children while they are at play or studying. Early observation of your children can also help you to deal your kids in a better way. Their actions tell a lot and parents can plan a lot if they extract time from their busy schedules for their kids. Proper planning can lead to a bigger achievement in future.

2. School’s academic records:

Academic records of a student determine his fate to get the scholarship in the future. Overall academic performance is evaluated for awarding a scholarship to a student. Try to focus on your grades in order to contest scholarship in future. Scholarship is not a random process and every student has his dreams and aspirations which he wants to achieve at any cost. This determination can also play a dramatic role in aspiring weak students to get better results. A student can do anything if he pays proper attention to his weak subject areas.

3. Don’t choose subjects which you don’t feel compatible with:

Choosing a wrong major can jeopardise your academic as well as professional career. Always consult a career counsellor if you are confused about choosing a right subject. These counsellors can be proved beneficial in developing insight in you to better know yourself and your interests. Don’t get influenced by what your peers and friends suggest to you because you are a different individual and your interests are also different from theirs. So, choose your major subject for higher education with proper attention and concentration. It is the make or breaks point of your life. Don’t listen to anybody’s suggestion just be honest with yourself and choose a subject which matches your interests the most. You can excel in that field by working hard to get the scholarship for higher education in the same subject area.

4. Trust your abilities:

Once you have made up your mind for a particular subject, pay proper attention to all the details of that subject. Grasp the fundamental principles and concepts of your subject. If you feel any difficulty, don’t forget that life is not a bed of roses and your hard work can help you in getting a scholarship. Trust your abilities and do your best. You should remain positive and stay away from all those negative vibes which distract you from your goals.

5. Look around for best universities:

After finalising the right major for your higher studies, you should look around for best universities. There is a QS ranking list of the top class universities, you can search these universities on the internet and check one by one all these universities. There are various departments in each university, try to jump to your preferred department and carefully read the criteria to get admission in these universities.

6. Finalise the best university for you and prepare yourself right away:

Once you have gone through all the admission details of all the universities, finalise the best university to get admission in. After that, regularly visit the website of your favourite university in order to view the policies or any change in admission policy because it is always better to be on the safe side. Visit brilliant students’ profiles on the website of your dream university and try to adopt those things in your life to become a better and intelligent student.

7. Start searching for local and foreign scholarship programs:

Government announces different scholarship programs. Some of the scholarships are offered for local programs and some of these scholarships are foreign. You are pretty much aware of your interest and try to contest for your preferred scholarship program. Fill the registration form and apply for your scholarship program. Wait for the response and meanwhile get ready for the next steps.

8. Start organising your educational documents:

It is very important that you have organised all the supportive documents beforehand. It will keep you safe from any mismanagement in the future. You can consult your seniors and friends in this domain to get an idea to organise your educational and supportive documents. Besides, prepare all those documents which would be needed in the future if you successfully contest the scholarship.

9. Don’t become a bookworm; include recreational activities in your life:

Excess of everything is bad and when you are always preoccupied about winning the scholarship then there are chances that your educational performance gets affected by this. So, don’t think too much and just remain positive. Exercises and games are important resources to develop the personality of the student. Include games and plays in your daily routines because these are as important as your education is. Yoga is very good for your mental health and it also improves your attention span which helps in education as well. So, include yoga, baseball, football and other games in your daily life to remain fit and healthy because health is wealth and all successes are dependent on good health.

10. Avoid antisocial friends and peer groups:

Antisocial groups are quite common in schools and college. You are mature enough and know the adverse effects of bad company on your psychological wellbeing. The bad company puts your career at stake. Therefore, learn to differentiate between good and bad and choose the best for your career. Keep focused and make friends which are also preparing to get a scholarship for higher education. It also keeps you motivated to achieve your goal.

11. Modify your personality after winning the scholarship:

Groom your personality to look perfect for the scholarship you won. It will help in maintaining your personality which is very crucial for all those students who win the scholarships. It will keep you distinguished from rest of the students as well. If you want to be an example for your juniors, then pay attention to refine your personality as much as you can.
These are some of the tips and tricks to get the scholarship after 12th standard. Students are quite mature at this age and it is very easy to keep focused and practice all those things which can be helpful in getting the scholarship for higher education. Sit in libraries and read different books and newspapers to enhance your general knowledge. Prepare your CV impeccably to impress the selectors. Your personal statement and CV should be meticulously maintained and written in flawless English and it should narrate your achievements and rewards. Be confident and watch documentaries and programs on influential personalities to shape your personality for the higher education life.

Author’s Bio: This guest post has been written by Jacob Arch, a Career Counselor, an Educationalist and a Writer who writes on different topics related to education and social issues and currently works at Assignment Writing UK.

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