How to Prepare for NEET 2020 using Mock Tests?

NEET is a highly competitive exam, and lakhs of students appear for it every year. If you have always dreamt of entering the medical field, you will have to beat those students and score high marks in the examination. Since the competition is high, you need to work very hard for NEET and not take it lightly. One of the most effective ways to strengthen your preparation for JEE is to take mock tests of all the different subjects covered in the NEET exam.

Get a Clear Idea about NEET Exam:

When you solve NEET mock tests, you will get a clear understanding of the NEET exam pattern, types of questions to expect, different topics being covered, and the marking scheme. It will help you plan your NEET preparation and allow you to perform well in the actual exam. Mock tests will enable you to create strategies for the exam day and boost your confidence too.

Solve Multiple Mock Tests of Different Kinds:

Mock tests can be of different types. You can choose to solve full-length mock papers or objective types. It is essential to solving as many different types of mock papers before the NEET 2020. You should clear your concepts from question banks or other study materials before you take mock tests. Instead of opting for full-length mocks, NEET 2020 aspirants will also benefit from taking subject-wise or chapter-wise mock tests to ace every topic individually. Even though biology mock test for NEET is essential, you should not ignore other subjects of Physics and Chemistry as the total marks are based on all the three subjects. It is best to practice full-length mock tests a few weeks before the actual examination to reap its benefits.

Evaluate Your Performance:

Only appearing for mock tests for NEET 2020 will not help prepare for the exam. You also need to evaluate your performance for each test. It will allow you to identify your mistakes so that you can work on them before the actual exam. Some key factors to consider when preparing for NEET using mock tests are –

  1. Analyze Weak and Strong Areas
  2. Subject-wise and Chapter-wise Performance
  3. Negative Marks Being Lost
  4. Time Management Skills

Time All Your Attempts:

NEET 2020 exam will be held offline. So, it would help if you attempted as many mock tests as possible to help you get into the habit of solving the paper within the stipulated time of 3 hours. You will be able to analyze how much time you need to spend on each question according to its difficulty level on the actual exam date. It is best to start with your favourite subject, but spend only a specific amount of time on it. Once you have answered questions across all subjects, keep the last 30-40 minutes on improving your score by attempting questions you are having difficulty in.

Beware of Negative Markings:

NEET aspirants are required to solve 45 questions from three different sections. While a correct answer gives you 4 marks, every wrong answer will cause you to lose one mark. There are no negative marks for questions you did not attempt. So, it is imperative for you to evaluate not just the right answers on the mock tests, but also limit the negative marks you lose due to wrong answers. Solving mock tests give you a pretty idea on how to maximize your marks by limiting negative markings.

Expert advice students to take about 15-30 mock tests to get a feel of the actual exam and enhance their accuracy. Practice will make you confident in your abilities and get you ready to face the NEET 2020 exam!

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