How to Prepare for NEET from Home?

The current situation is continuously reshaping our education system. Schools and coaching classes are becoming deserted. Things have drastically changed especially for preparation of exams like NEET. But it is important to cope up with this scenario and give our best instead of complaining. But how can that be achieved? How can we master NEET in these circumstances?
Read this post and you will get answers of all your questions.

Lectures & Classes? Its time to Shift from Traditional to Online Video Classes:

They will not only be more safer this time but will also be more cost effective. We live in the era where information can be acquired from anywhere at any time. Moreover, they can be attended at your own pace. You can be an early bird or a night owl. It’s your choice. There are many platforms which are providing online NEET lectures. You can attend them live or download them and watch them later. Even, there are many educators who are now uploading their lectures on Youtube. Some of the popular names are-
1. Physics Wallah
2. Dr. Aman Agrawal
3. PLAY Chemistry

Make Your Own Handwritten Notes:

For brushing up formulas and concepts, you can now blindly count on NCERT. NEET Toppers like Tanish Bansal, AIR 10, emphasizes on the fact that handwritten are more efficient than any other notes present in the market. So, stop your reliability on any other coaching’s notes and make them as per your own strategy.

MCQ Practice – The Game Changer:

I couldn’t stress more on the importance of MCQ practice in NEET. Remember at the end, NEET is a competitive exam not your board exam. Cracking NEET is 70% of MCQs practice and 30% of theory revision. If you ignore this crucial part, you won’t be able to crack NEET. But this does not mean you have to go out to purchase outdated guide books to practice important NEET Questions. Everything is available online. All you need to do is look for the platform which provides quality NEET MCQs for practice at a reasonable cost.
Based on various reviews, some of the platforms that provide authentic MCQs are
1. Darwin for NEET
2. NEET 2020

Practice Previous Year Papers- Strictly Online:

You don’t have to go out and look out for them or burrow them from your seniors. It’s all now available online. Even the recent years’ papers for NEET, AIIMS are available online. Mention in the comment below if you want me to share the links of all the mediums which provide previous years papers with solutions for FREE.

Enroll for Some Online Test Series:

Build your test taking muscle by regularly appearing in test series. You don’t have to accumulate in halls and promote various modes of transmission. Count on online medium which are also nowadays designed to give you a real exam feel.

So, that’s it NEET Aspirants. I hope after reading these tips, you are now surely well-equipped to prepare for NEET from home.
All the Best!

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