How to prepare for your writing exam

Writing skills are prerequisites to passing exams. For international students who seek to study in America, Australia, United Kingdom and other Native English speaking countries, standardized tests are the first step before you can be considered for admission.  Whether oral, written or reading Standard English, passing any of such is the mainstay of the admission process. This post delves into how to pass writing exam and in particular, Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) and any other you may be subjected to.

Choosing the right test

One of the questions often asked by students considering pursuing their studies abroad is to do with choosing an ideal test. Circumstances for admission such as Visa acquisition procedures play critical here. However, there are times when a test that is deemed best to certify one’s language proficiency is already decided on.  But here is the catch. Do you have what it takes to excel?  Well, with all the aforementioned taken care of, you must then ask yourself whether you’ve got the requisite writing skills for passing these all-important and necessary tests and if not, do you have in mind someone you can pay to write essay in the best way possible?

Passing Tips

In as much as you may sometimes make a decision on which test best suit your circumstances of moving to a foreign country, passing them remains non-negotiable. You have to do it or otherwise, lose a golden opportunity. So, what next? Take a look at the following tips:

Familiarize yourself with the test

This is basically advance preparation phase. There are chances that if you do not take this stage seriously, any test that will be administered may be a shocker.  You need to know the differences between TOEIC, IELTS, and TOEFL especially with regard to the various forms in which they are tested. Thus, doing so from as early as two months before the exam date will edge you closer to passing with flying colors.

Get the right books and samples

Also, passing these tests is heavily reliant on what you have as study materials.  You need to buy the relevant books even though some are quite expensive but at the end the day, it’s always worth the best scores. Samples are equally useful and you can access them online from buy essays online websites. It important to choose the best books and you may thus consider consulting someone who has done these tests before or just an expert at it.

Practice for the right accent

Note that you will need to equally get endowed with oral skills; after all, you need that English accent. To go about this, make it a habit of listening to Native speakers attentively, whether one-on-one or over International English Radio channels and on tvs such as VOA, BBC, and others. The channel you choose hugely depends on the college in which you are seeking college admission.

In conclusion, it is important that before the big day, you have had enough rest and eaten well.  You should equally have a mindset for it. Do not fret about it or even entertain a tense mood.  With tips explored in this post, you shouldn’t afford to fail, at least not now.

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