Universal Skills for Students Interested in Computer Science and Engineering


Information Technology, Computer Science, and Engineering students have specialized paths of study in college. Once the coursework is completed, however, many find several necessary career skills they are lacking. While looking at potential colleges and universities, or deciding on the course load for next year, writing a dissertation,  consider using the required general education courses to include experience in the following areas.

Collaboration and Teamwork

It is rare to enter a computer-related field and work alone. Being able to collaborate with others either independently or on a team is crucial. Team sports are a convenient way to hone teamwork skills. Another way is to be an active participant in a group or club. Also, consider courses that require group collaborative projects.

Communication Skills

Good verbal communication skills are not only necessary for an interview. Whether speaking with co-workers, vendors or clients, it is crucial to be able to effectively communicate verbally. It can also be useful when asking for a promotion, presenting a project or defending a controversial issue. Anyone, shy or outgoing, can benefit from a class in speech or debate. Some colleges, universities and even companies sponsor a club for Toastmasters, an international group dedicated to improving communication and leadership skills.

When considering communication skills also think about visual. It is important in today’s workplace to be able to create effective presentations for diverse audiences such as a project group, board of directors, stockholders and potential clients. Visual presentations are not limited to a booth at an expo or a PowerPoint in the boardroom but also includes any variety of technologies related to the World Wide Web, such as websites and videos.

Business Language

It is important to know the language of the business. A programmer for medical software should understand the terms used by medical professionals. An engineer working with green and sustainable living should understand the language of environmental scientists. When working a technology helpdesk for a financial firm it is useful to understand the common language of financial analysts and other financial professionals.

Multidisciplinary Studies

Since both computer science and technology are found in many career fields, it is wise for students to broaden their understanding of at least one more subject. Scientific and mathematical fields are the first most consider since they are so closely related to computers. Business and the financial industry also rely heavily on computers and technology. Even sports, agriculture and theatre have technology components through the needs of sports medicine for athletes, soil analyzing for crops and light and sound for productions.

Having a secondary educational focus, especially if it is already a hobby or interest, is beneficial for finding that first position after finishing education.

Author bio: Beatrice Howell, writer, and editor for Phdify.com

A high qualification, experience in students newspapers, Beatrice works with dissertations, essays, articles, reviews, summaries and other students work, help in university selection and preparation for entrance exams.


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