Let’s Support Frontline Workers in this Pandemic

Since the Covid 19 hit the nation in the year 2020 police officers have been working tirelessly for people leaving all their comfort. They are fulfilling their duties which commendable keeping law and order intact. Being burdened with this uncertain situation, they are the one making sure everything is as per the government orders.

The pandemic has affected millions and millions of people changing the way of living. Many countries are already witnessing the second wave of the virus and the governments are forced to close down their internal and external boundaries, and some governments are forced to impose a total lockdown to break the chain of this deadly virus.

The police officers are already overloaded with their routine work, but after this pandemic, their work has increased significantly. While others sit at home and relax with their families, police officers are deployed on the road to regulate lockdown. Police personnel are trained to have a socialized and policing job as they have to control crowd functions and public order. These skills helped them in this pandemic which caused a lockdown.

The sudden announcement of total lockdown across the country created panic and a surge of people who are retracing their steps back to their native places. As cabs, buses, trains and aeroplanes were shut down. Poor people who immigrated in bigger cities suddenly have no choice but to cover thousands of miles by walking. The restriction created many problems for police to handle. The work of police here was to address these migrants and ensure their safety but also, they have to make sure that they maintain social distancing and follow all the rules imposed by the government. Police were lingering between people and the government.

Police personnel have to undergo training which helps them to investigate the case and find the culprit. This skill and experience is used to trace Covid positive cases. Contact Tracing is very important as this virus is highly contagious and has the potential to surge an enormous number of cases in a short span. Police are skilled in tracing a culprit’s past and present and also their connections with people. Their skill is used in this pandemic to track down a patient’s past movements and to find out who they meet and when did it happen. The basic skill of investigation is a valuable asset for contact tracing and proving to be one the most vital part to break the chain of Covid 19. Therefore, police officers are needed in abundance. If you wish to become an officer you need to first check out the Bihar Police SI Exam Pattern.

Well, managing this is not a piece of cake but the police officers have to go through many different challenges to ensure safety and make sure proper lockdown rules are being followed. They have risked their lives for us and we hurt them, abuse them, make them witness our frustration and then become a source of coronavirus for them. This is high time when we need to understand these corona warriors can stay in peace if you stay at your home. In order to keep people safe, there were exams that were cancelled such as UPSC, Board Exams and many more. However, few admit cards are released such as Bihar Police SI Admit Card.

As the police officers are the frontline workers, we need to stay calm with them. They are taking care of us with minimum safety precautions. They aren’t provided PPE Kit for their safety therefore we need to understand why they are on roads when they should be at home like us, why they are risking their life and keeping us safe and what makes a difference between them and us. We should salute them for their commendable job and not only the police officers but Doctors, nurses, Asha workers and others who are risking their lives just to keep safe. So, Stay Safe and always remember to use sanitiser whenever you touch a foreign object, wear a mask and keep social distancing.

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