Fashion and Design Education in Istituto Marangoni Miami

Prestigious educational centers are famous not only because students receive deep knowledge and perfect skills there. Such places as a magnet attract the most highly qualified specialists and talented applicants. Istituto Marangoni Miami is rightfully considered the global center of contemporary fashion and design, allowing students from all countries to gain the widest possible knowledge and develop a fine artistic and fashion taste.

Marangoni Miami Courses for Fashion Stylists and Designers

Fashion school in Miami allows future professionals to get a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate education in many areas of the fashion industry:

  • Fashion business
  • Digital communication
  • Fashion styling
  • Fashion design
  • Luxury brand management
  • Fashion innovation 

To bring the idea of ​​continuum education to life, Istituto Marangoni Miami offers interesting short courses for training fashion and design professionals. In addition, the youth direction is actively developing, allowing teenagers to touch the world of fashion through participation in summer camps and various courses.

Istituto Marangoni Miami Cost for Different Forms of Studying

The cost of studying at the institute depends on the preferred form of education and the degree received:

  • The AAS degree offers a 60-credit-hour educational program with a cost of $1,250 per credit hour for in-person study and $900 for online study.
  • The BFA degree offers the same rates but a larger volume of educational courses – 120 credit hours.
  • The MA degree includes a 36-credit-hour professional training program costing $1,350 per credit hour in-person and $1,000 online.

If you are lucky enough to study at the Fashion Design School in Miami Florida, every day will be filled not only with meetings with inspiring teachers and abundant practice in the fashion industry. Getting new friends, visiting the numerous cozy showrooms, boutiques, and cafes in Miami, as well asфта an unforgettable vacation on the Atlantic coast will be those precious memories that will inspire you in your future career in the fashion and design industry.

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