What You Should Know Before Teaching English Online From Home

Jobs are hard to come by. Thus most people have engaged in freelancing. Are you an English teacher with no job? Did you know you can teach English online and make some serious cash? You don’t have to struggle going school after school seeking for a teaching vacancy. You can simply start an online teaching gig at the comfort of your home. Below we highlight a few items that you should know before teaching online:

Have the proper requirements

Having a bachelor’s degree will not just cut it. You will need to get a TEFL certification. This will enable you to have a solid ground in TEFL teaching methods and other essential skills. Apart from this, you will need to have a personal computer, high-quality webcam, headset, and a comfortable workspace. Have a steady electricity supply and at least a backup generator
Another basic need is a steady internet connection. You may get teaching materials from online blogs, language apps and youtube video which you can share with students. Thus you don’t want your connection to fail you in the middle of the lesson.

Search for genuine sites with teaching jobs

The internet is full of scam artists. Searching for English teaching jobs from home might sound easy and quick. However, take your time and got through the site’s reviews. Talk to various ESL teachers and state your expectations clearly. This will aid you to decide a legit site that will make sure you get your money in the bank after teaching.
Make sure the company you select is accredited by an external source. Scan its website and look out for any grammatical errors and bad writing style. If available, this is a cause of alarm that the site shouldn’t teach English to anyone.

Select an English job with a good salary

The main aim of working is to afford the necessities of life and a few luxuries. You don’t want to slave away and receive peanuts. There are some jobs that you should know offer good pay thus worth your consideration
English first – They look for passionate English tutors. They offer a platform that connects students and tutors across the globe. You can earn a TEFL certificate on the job.
Vipkid – Teach you how to teach English online and earn cash through PayPal accounts. You get to teach English one-on-one to Chinese students. If you are eligible to work in the US or Canada you can apply for the job.

Be aware of the time zones

Thanks to the internet you can teach and interact with anybody across the globe. While teaching you to need to know the different zones that your students are in. An example is if you are a teacher based in the US, you can teach a student in China late in the night or early in the morning. You need to manage your time wisely to avoid missing classes as it may result in negative reviews.
Don’t lament over a lack of teaching jobs. Why not log online and get an English teaching job from home? You can earn some money and contribute to the growth of the economy.

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