How RPL Can Help When Changing Careers

Whether you are going up for a promotion, in need of meeting industry regulations, or looking to change careers altogether, you will find it is rarely a smooth transition. There is always the anxiety that comes with entering new territory, the questioning as to whether this is the best choice for your future, and the inevitable training you will need to complete to ‘learn the ropes’. That is why it is always best to take every advantage available to make the situation easier.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a service that allows you to receive qualifications in a range of occupations across the country with the acknowledgement of skills and experiences you have already cultivated outside of traditional education and training facilities. It is a process that appreciates the relevant understanding needed for a job often grows outside of the classroom, taught to us by the real world, instead of instructors.

In this blog, we explain how RPL can help when you are changing careers.

Importance of Qualifications

Qualifications are the perfect way to demonstrate your capability of performing in a role. Regardless of the degree of skill you have in executing a specific task, that official piece of acknowledgment, issued from a respectable authority, will lend far more credibility to your name than mere assurances on a CV to a potential employer.

With the world changing as fast as it is, and industries springing up just as quickly as others are crumbling, employers want to find talented candidates that can show a business qualification, technical qualification, and/or a specialist qualification. Unfortunately, gaining all of these through traditional means would take far too long to be deemed practical. That is why RPL is your best bet to bring skills from your past and make them work for your future. After all, outlining what you can bring to a new position, having those looking to hire see how you can fit within their operations, and providing credibility to transferable capabilities is exactly the right way to secure interest.

Streamline the Process

Across the seemingly endless range of potential qualifications a person can receive, the periods in which to achieve completion will always vary. One constant, however, is that they will continuously involve some form of training or practice with a professional organisation to observe your ability before you are signed off. RPL saves you from wasting time in classrooms re-learning information you already know. By taking into account your experience and offsetting them against elements within your qualifications, you will receive credits of completion that reduce the additional work required of you. This means that you could have significant demands of your qualification course shaved off, streamlining the process and fast tracking your ability to meet your career goals.

Portfolio of Evidence

Recognition of Prior Learning usually involves working with an assessor throughout the process. In order for them to be satisfied in your ability to perform a task and give you credits towards obtaining your qualification, they will first need to receive a portfolio of evidence.

Within this portfolio may be several articles containing existing qualifications, examples of your work, evidence that you have undertaken optional courses, any volunteer or community engagement work, testimonials and references from managers or clients, and so on. It is likely you will also be asked to perform the work that is expected of you within the task, so they have an opportunity to observe you in action. If this demonstration proves adequate, alongside a satisfactory portfolio of evidence, then it is likely credits will be awarded towards your qualifications, freeing you to save time and money when starting a new career.

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