List of Best BFA Colleges with Professional Fine Art Courses

As it goes with any academic field, you require deciding if a certain degree is good for you. The degree you choose should be in accordance with your interests and must have the potential to shape your future for the good. Everybody has different opinions to different degrees. Therefore, it is wise to take guidance from your educators and family, however, making a decision solely on their recommendations is not preferable. Your personal involvement and pursuit are what really matters. Hence, if you are interested in pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), go for it. In this post, we are going to share with you some of the best BFA colleges in Delhi as well as make you aware of certain major aspects that go in favor of opting for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Please note that the Bachelor of Fine Arts is not the same as Bachelor of Arts. While a Bachelor of Arts is your regular academic degree that includes subjects related to history, linguistics, and literature depending upon your choice of subjects, a Bachelor of Fine Arts is a degree that focuses particularly on studio-based work and visual arts allowing you to explore the artistic creativity inside you. BFA is the professional degree for an artist. Following are some of the reasons why you should do a fine arts degree.

Why Study Fine Arts at BFA Colleges?

First of all, before you choose to pursue a degree in Fine Arts, you must be really passionate about the field as obtaining a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts requires a lot of creativity, dedication, and hard work to obtain. However, if you do move forward on this path, you are lucky that Delhi and NCR region has got some of the best centers of BFA and a plethora of design institutes that will, indeed, aid and assist you in pursuing your vision.

Following your passion is fun

If Fine Arts are your passion then it really helps you in the course. This is because you are doing more than learning. You are, actually, doing the thing that you love the most making the course less of a stress and more enjoyable for you.
You have greater chances to succeed later in life as you are doing something which you believe in.

Serves as an outlet for your creative mind

If you have got a creative mind, then obtaining a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts is the best way for you to channelize your creative thoughts and bring them out for the entire world to see. More importantly, a degree in Fine Arts will help you to learn new skills and sharpen the ones that you already have.
With a degree in Fine Arts, you are able to refine your skills. You will even receive constant feedback from your teachers which will, certainly, help shape you.

Endless Opportunities when your degree is over

After you are done with your Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, a plethora of opportunities is there for you in industries of the likes like fashion, film/television, education, art therapy, arts and culture management, and the entertainment industry. In these industries, a lookout for talented people with a degree in Fine Arts is always there.

Where can I get the best BFA coaching in Delhi? Best BFA College in Delhi

As mentioned above, living in Delhi/NCR region is a boon for you if you are looking to obtain a degree in Fine Arts. The region has got some of the best centers of BFA and top design institutes. Below are some of the top names in the list of best BFA colleges in Delhi.

Arc School of Art

ARC School of Art is one of the pioneering Fine Art Institution for education in India. The School today stands in the prime location of Delhi, which has all the departments of BFA exam coaching, BFA, MFA & Fine Art Hobby Classes. It is also one of the leading Fina art Institute provides placement assistance with courses.

GD Goenka University [GDGU], Gurgaon

GD Goenka University is one of the most elegant universities in the region. The primary focus is there on the practical aspect of the courses, with more stress on preparing students for the upcoming professional phase in their lives. On the placement aspect also, the University has got some of the top firms visiting the campus. The Bachelor in Fine Arts degree is of 3 years. You require passing your 10+2 from CBSE or equivalent examination in any stream. There is a Design Aptitude Test [DAT] followed by a personal interview for those who are seeking admission in the course of Bachelor of Fine Arts. Please note that NEED scores are acceptable in lieu of DAT.

Amity University, Noida

Amity University is a well-known name in the list of top educational institutes in Delhi and NCR Region. For acquiring admission in the course of Bachelor of Fine Arts, you require passing 10+2 with at least 50% marks. However, please note that students with higher marks will receive first preference. As far as the admission process goes, you require filling an online form after which you have to sit for an entrance exam. Post the entrance exam a personal interview comes up. Within 2-3 days after your personal interview, you will receive an email intimating whether you got selected or not.

Delhi College of Art – [DCA], New Delhi

Delhi College of Art is, probably, the best center of BFA in Delhi. The degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts is of 4 years at DCA. DCA stands pretty decently on student satisfaction ratings as well with an average rating of above 7 out of 10. The strong point of the college is the teaching methodologies utilized. Almost, all the students rank the teaching practices as brilliant in the college.

Jamia Millia Islamia University – [JMI], New Delhi

JMI is a central university and fees for every course is significantly lower than the private college and universities. A BFA degree for 4 years will cost you approximately 11K a year. Overall, the university has got good ratings in terms of academic, faculty, infrastructure, food and accommodation, placement and even social life. It is an amazing place to explore you.

Final Words
Apart from the ones mentioned above there are more colleges and design institutes as well for acquiring best BFA coaching in Delhi. Hence, conduct proper research before finalizing a particular educational institute for your degree in Fine Arts. All the best!

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