Tips to Study for the SHRM Test

Society for Human Resource Management, also known as SHRM, is one of the oldest and largest associations for HR professionals. There are more than 275,000 members and growing from around the globe. To level up their career, HR professionals are advised to get certified by SHRM. The certifications are renowned and recognized by all the companies.

One of the best ways to crack the SHRM examination is to use the SHRM practice tests. These will prepare you for the examination. To pass this exam with flying colors, here are a few tips for you.

SHRM Exams:

SRHM conducts exams to certify HR professionals. The organization conducts two examinations. The SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM-BoCK) provides the framework for the examination. The exams are:

  1. SHRM-CP

SHRM-CP or SHRM Certified Professionals is for HR professionals early in their career. The HR professionals implementing policies and strategies within the organization and considered the point of contact for staff and stakeholders should apply for this certification. Professionals with a bachelor’s degree and 1-2 years of working experience can apply for this certification.

SHRM-SCP or SHRM Senior Certified Professionals certification is for senior HR professionals and managers who develop the strategies for the company. They should have served 6-7 years in that role to be eligible for the SHRM-SCP examination.

Irrespective of which exam you’re attempting, you need to prepare yourself. Here are a few tips to help you in your pursuit:

Gather Necessary Study Materials:

To begin your preparation, you should obtain all the necessary study materials. This includes books, magazines, notebooks, publications, practice sets, among others. The more recent these materials are, the better they will be. Also, buy materials that are a few years older.

You should also pay special attention to the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge. You should thoroughly review the SHRM BoCK and get acquainted with it. There’s an interactive guide you can utilize on its website to get more insight into the competency and career development resources.

When gathering the study materials, you can take the help of your peers who might be preparing for the same or have appeared for the exams.

Create a Study Plan:

A plan is vital to success. Without planning, you’d just be wandering around haphazardly. So, plan for the following:

  • The days you’ll be studying (assuming you’re a working professional with a day job)
  • The hours you’ll devote to preparation
  • The subjects you’ll be covering each day
  • The days you’ll be attending the mock tests
  • Your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement
  • Rest days

Create a plan focusing on yourself. It should be realistic and actionable. Once created, you need to stick to it to succeed.

Solve SHRM Practice Test Sets:

SHRM practice tests are a great way to test your skills before an exam. It would tell you exactly where you stand in terms of your skillset and the areas you need to improve on.

SHRM tests comprise 160 questions that you must solve within 4 hours. And that’s how these practice test sets are designed. You’ll get a real sense of what it’s like to appear for an SHRM exam by solving the sets. Therefore, it becomes even more critical for professionals attempting SHRM exams for the first time.

You can either buy paper-based practice sets or use online sets. By attempting the test online, you save both time and resources. Furthermore, you get instant access to them. So consider subscribing to such services.

Leverage Online Learning Systems:

Online learning systems allow you to study at your own pace and keep track of everything. The systems offer everything under one roof, which includes, but are not limited to:

  • BoCKebooks
  • Videos
  • Flashcards
  • Knowledge bank
  • Practice sets
  • Smart study tools

The systems will evaluate your practice sets and show you the results instantly and accurately.

Besides the learning systems, you should also benefit from YouTube videos, podcasts, and online blogs. All of these online resources will equip you in various ways.

Consider Group Studies:

Rather than studying and preparing online, consider preparing with a group. When you study in a group with all the members having a common goal, you learn from each other. Thus, it accelerates the process with which you learn. Group studies will also keep you engaged and motivated, both of which are necessary for cracking SHRM exams.

If you can’t find a group, you should practice with a colleague or junior attempting SHRM-CP in the future. It’s always better than studying all on your own.

When choosing SHRM practice tests, read the reviews of the platform. If it’s good enough, it should have a decent rating and review. Selecting the right practice set is vital to your success.

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