How to ace Entrance Exams

Stepping into university life is like a breath of fresh air – you get to live in a new environment where your adulthood commences. Your university life marks the start of your last undergraduate stage before finally meeting the boss: employment and the corporate world. Right before setting foot in your new university life, you should precisely know where to study in college or university.

It is not easy to have a particular school in mind because of the pressure admission exams give. While this is a huge obstacle for aspiring college students, universities use these assessment setups to select which students will or won’t make it to their academic year.

What is An Admission Exam?:

Going by the acronyms, SAT, ACT, PSAT, and university-based tests, these are all college entrance examinations. An entrance or admission test is an examination that mainly assesses a student’s skills and preparedness in taking up college-level academic work. This type of evaluation instrument is among the most utilized by college institutions to see if their college applicants can make it to their academe.

Entrance examinations can vary from college to college. In the United States, the SAT is a standardized test accepted in many universities in their country. Once you have taken up this examination and obtained your results, these results are only the university’s basis for admission and not any other examination.

On another end, other universities make their own entrance examinations. Before the exam season, these schools will always announce essential guidelines that have to be followed by applicants. In short, you’ll have to review separately for this exam if you’re planning to get into their institution.

Because of the challenges of finding a good university, most students resort to applying for a job when they’re not ready for college. If you need help with getting into college, you have come to the right place.

If you’re currently reviewing for an incoming admission exam, have failed a previous one, or simply preparing for your first, here are right tips to take you into the edge of acing your entrance examination:

Have A Defined and Detailed Coverage:

Before starting any review session, it is incredibly crucial to know the subjects and topics that the examination will cover. In this way, you can narrow down which topics you only have to study and which topics to leave out. Being informed about the test’s coverage will help your preparation and strategy.

Since most examinations like SAT are standardized, the coverage never or rarely changes. The standardization of these exams is an advantage since most of these topics are taught across high schools.

Take A Tour In The Testing Venue:

Once you have received your examination details including the time and venue, visit the place at the earliest opportunity. Some students overlook this aspect especially when they’re all focused on exam review and preparation, then they’ll find themselves lost during the examination day.

Not knowing the exact testing place, particularly your examination building and room, can be a great cause of delay and can put your exam in compromise. Also, take a tour around the institution and take note of their entry and exit points, comfort rooms, cafeteria, among others.

Choose Review Option:

Self-study is always the first option that comes to mind in terms of exam preparation. Additionally, another appealing option is enrolling in review centres, but you’re not only investing time and effort but also a huge sum of money. Depending on your preference, you’re free to choose which review the option to swear by, yet it is also important to weigh the pros and cons of each option.

When opting for a review centre, pick between those highly recommended review centres where you can get your money back in case of failed eventualities.

Go Back To The Basics:

You won’t be able to move on with fairly difficult exam problems and questions without mastering the basics. Test questions usually utilize applications of these basic topics then integrating advanced techniques learned further during high school and college basics.

Thus, compile all your essential mathematical formulas and concepts in one place, such as a  small notebook or a compile cue card so you can easily get back to them later. This applies to scientific and vocabulary topics as well. Then, get back to all your past lessons before searching for learning resources focused on review preparation.

Design Your Review Schedule:

An efficient time management system is going to help you make the most out of your remaining preparation time. Students usually start preparing a year before their entrance examinations, but some lose their motivation to study or have late plans for their college, thus their time is usually limited.

No matter how much time is left to prepare for your exam, design your schedule efficiently, and balance it with your other daily activities. At least 30 minutes to an hour of review per day will be helpful in the long run. If you’re preoccupied with academics, you can schedule review only on the weekends then answer at least one problem daily before you sleep.

Study Smart, Not Study Hard:

Why are there students that still fail the admission test despite having plenty of reviews? One problem might be their reviewing approach. When you have started reviewing and felt like you’re not learning effectively, you can change your studying approach and find your learning style.

Moreover, use a variety of learning tactics and techniques for an effective learning. Most of the time, these strategies are taught at review centres and online courses, but with a bit of luck, you can find them on your own using learning resources you found and the materials you have made.

The important and productive way to study is to do it wisely rather than allocating huge time and effort without any significant results.

Have A Good Rest and Sleep Before The Exam:

Your overall health and well-being condition the night before the exam will significantly matter on its results. The best advice is to stop studying and relax yourself the whole day before the examination, because it will only confuse and put you off from what you have prepared all throughout the review period.

Instead, prepare all your essential items in your bag, such as pencils and erasers, a small snack and your bottled water, personal stuff, and most importantly, your examination permit and school ID. After preparing these things, it is an ideal opportunity to do a self-care routine or do your favorite relaxation activities to ease your mind from stress and pressure.

Take A Deep Breath And Believe In Yourself:

When the most awaited day comes, make sure to wake up, prepare yourself, and arrive at the testing venue at least half an hour before the scheduled starting time. A healthy and positive mindset during the exam will positively impact your performance.

Once you have the questions in your hand, read and follow directions carefully before you start answering. As you go on through the exam, remember all information and techniques you have learned amidst pressure from your internal and external environment. Believe in your capabilities and always stay on the positive side.

If you find the situation too overwhelming, don’t rush yourself and stop for a while. Try assuring yourself to make you feel calm, or do any calming techniques that work for you.

Bottom Line:

University life is difficult and challenging, but before you can step your foot into it, you have to endure and conquer college application and admission exams. An important factor that most universities consider when accepting college applicants is the results of one’s entrance examinations. With the help of these college entrance examination tips mentioned above, we’re hoping that you’ll get into your dream university and course!

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